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Thursday, February 17, 2005

I have a new home, for now at least. Finn and I are going to give a shot at co-blogging. Come see it here.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

I rode to work today and it was good. When I ride I tend to take time to do this blog thing. Riding is good.

The Bush administration downgraded the wolf from endangered to threatened so those that fear wolves and ranch meat can kill them. An Oregon judge said NO. One for science, zero for Bush Inc. Makes you feel all warm inside doesn't it.

Bush and the corporate lobby want to privatize social security. AARP and lots of others who rely on it say no.
"Despite the 65-plus years of success Social Security has enjoyed, some individuals and organizations, including President Bush and several members of Congress, are promoting the concept of replacing all or part of the current Social Security program with a system of individual retirement accounts. Although these proposals vary, most would divert funds from Social Security into individually-owned accounts, thus transferring investment risks from a pool of all workers to the individual. While individual accounts are often presented as a way to "save" Social Security, diverting money to individual accounts actually worsens Social Security's long-term projected shortfall."

You can see Jon Stewart's interview with Jim Wallis, author of God's Politics: Why the Right Gets it Wrong and the Left Doesn't Get it.
I don't like organized religion, but this Christian fella seems to have it right. I'm glad some older white Christian person has their head screwed on straight.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Bob and I had a wild kingdom ride last night.
But first, I missed a few details about Mondayís ride. It was a nice and warm day, in the fifties. A warm winter day I thought, however, my experience led me to believe it was an early spring day. About a half hour into my ride I saw my first Scotch Broom bloom of the year. Sure, the daffodils on Highway 20 are starting to stick up their green leaves, but it was the last day of January for Christís sake. A little bit later I saw a calf, stumbling around and all wet. I took a quick glance at it and thought to myself, ďhey thatís brand new.Ē On my return I pulled off the side of the road to take a closer look. Its hair was matted down and it had some bloody debris hanging off itís utters. Upon seeing me, it walked away and up next to itís feed box. It let out a gentle moo and itís mother walked over to investigate. She looked at me and went up to the calf and licked it, offering confidence. The heifer, showing her strength as a strong mother, still had the placenta hanging out of her. Yea, new calf. Or, for you omnivores out there, fresh veal!
These cows hang out in the fields shown on the California Cheese, happy cows adds. Small farm, rolling green hills, great views, no kidding, itís a nice place. I was almost envious of them until I remembered their fate.

Though it was not narrated by Lorne Green, we did have the wild kingdom ride last night. Bob and I rode Round Mountain, it was pretty warm and the forest was awake, little white moths fluttered everywhere. Within the first few minutes we saw a couple of deer, we spotted their eyes, like a good hunter would. Then, cruising down the singletrack, I flushed out and chased a few bats, actually this happened all night. Those things seem to have an affinity for me, I see them all the time. We stopped at Coyote Overlook and were able to clearly see Marysville, Yuba City and the silhouette of the mountains beyond. We looked at the stars and talked about UFOís. We took our leave of the open sky and barreled through the trees towards the top of the switchbacks. Right before leaving the singletrack a big white flash hovered about three feet in front of me and then went into the trees. The owlís body was bigger than my head and had a wingspan greater than the length of one of my arms. I had to hit my brakes to avoid running into it. Continuing with the theme, we followed a skunk down trailhead road for about a half mile. We kept our distance as it waddled as fast as it could in front of us. Skunks are not scary at all, we were not afraid of it attacking us and gnawing us with its teeth and claws, but were afraid of the stink. I wanted to sleep in the house this week, and if we had been sprayed, surely Iíd be sleeping on the porch.

Bill Lockyer, Californiaís State Attorney is taking the US Forest Service to court. Since Bush Jr. became president, the Forest Service has re-adopted the ďwise useĒ policy of Reagan and the Bush Sr.. Wise Use is good for loggers and timber companies, bad for the forests, recreationalists and denizens of the forest.

It looks like Gonzales, another Bush Yes Man is going to be appointed. ďNever mind that we canít stop him and he answers to Bush and not the American PeopleĒÖ bullshit. Iím still waiting for some Democrats to find their spines and stand up for something. Our generation needs to start getting in office, all these older wealthy white people are way to comfortable.

Monday, January 31, 2005

It's late and i'm at work. I'm working late because I had to get out and take advantage of the warm sun. I fled work and headed for the skinny tired bike.
Today I learned that three in the afternoon is not the best time to ride. High schoolers driving their trucks and just getting out of school, school busses and SUV moms... Scary, o problems, but still, scary.
I had to get out and ride because i'm just exhausted. Five and a half hours of skiing on Saturday and five hours of trailwork (rockwork) on Sunday has put my body into a big knot. I figured if I went out and spun Iíd work out the tightness and maybe flush the built up lactic acid. It helped, Iím still tired, but do not feel heavy and tight.
Erin and I had (according to me) our best day out on skis so far this year. Nine inches of fresh powder, a sunny day with temperatures in the 40's , mm mm, thatís loviní.
We drove 45 minutes up the hill and tried skiing down Eagle Lakes Road. The road had turned in to a mogul strewn path due to a previous 4WD excursion and the icing of the snow afterwards. Erin likened the adventure to hiking with skis on. I saw her point.
We gave up on Eagle Lake Road and headed towards Pierce Meadow. Erin led us off the road towards the South West and we found the road going down to the Meadow. We stopped here for lunch and to get our bearings:

We dropped into the meadow area and toured around. We decided to head back and I wanted to go back a different way because I had injured myself a bit coming down a shitty icy and mogul filled road. Surprisingly Erin followed me on an off trail route South of where we had eaten. We found the South Yuba River:

Then we worked our way back uphill and East, hopefully towards where we had eaten lunch.

We found where we had eaten and headed back to the car. Another day out, a long day out. Great weather and company, and best of all, less falling:

Thursday, January 27, 2005

I was alert enough this morning to get my shit together and ride to work. Itís been a while since Iíve done that. It was good. Itís been warm enough that itís been raining and not snowing, so the highest point of my ride was muddy not snowy. A very nice treat. It feels good to ride to work. Some people are tuned in enough to give me a safe amount of room and then some others try to kiss me with their car. Shame on them. I stopped a few times up the climb to make adjustments to the new bike. Every time I ride, Iím making some sort of adjustment, getting it to fit or shift just right. I had a nice mix of music on the ride today, Led Zeppelin, Slobberbone, Richmond Fontaine, music from Hedwig and the Angry Inch, some Kinski and Pinback. We have a days break between the storms and Iíve been jonesing to ride since Tuesday night when we went snowshoeing under cloudy skies and in the fog. An evening of sensory deprivation with a fast pace set by a woman in here fifties. Pretty impressive.
This weekend holds trailwork on Sunday and either skiing or seeing This Bike is a Pipe Bomb on Saturday.
Oh, and hey, how about that Barbara Boxer giveín em hell?! YOU GO BARBARA!!!

Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Tired and out of it yesterday.
This is why.
Well, that and staying up late to watch Paul Giamatti on SNL.

Monday, January 17, 2005

So, we've (The US government) stopped looking for WMD's. None were found.
As of today, 1410 US soldiers dead.
As of January 14th, 10,372 US soldiers have been injured.
Accounts of 30,000 to over 100,000 Iraqi civilians are dead.

"Based on what we know today, the President would have taken the same action," press secretary Scott McClellan said, "because this is about protecting the American people."
All this death, all these injuries, all this destruction and emotional trauma...
It's no clear who pulls the President's puppet strings, who knows, he may even be in control. I don't believe he is as stupid as he'd like us to think. However, we may be as stupid as he thinks.
The motivation behind this war is not clear either.
There, however, are a few things that are clear. We were lied to. People have died, people continue to die, people have been horribly disfigured and injured. Lives have been utterly destroyed and all this is because the American people bought into the lie about Iraq. We were pissed because of 9/11 and scared because of the terror alerts and those in power agreed to go along with the invasion of Iraq.
Yea, so we watched F 9/11 last night. I'm kinda sick today, that stomach acid thing when you know all this shit is fucked up, you wanna hurt someone, but you can't get to them... and you don't want to hurt your fellow Americans... we are supposed to be on the same's a nauseating feeling seeing the world turn to shit and not being able to do anything about it.
Self righteous.
War mongering.
I keep thinking that Jimmy Carter is still so involved with the world community and doing humanitarian work... He is a great man. Being atheist and all I have no comfort thinking the Bush clan will burn in hell...
The fun is over, get back to work.

Tuesday, January 11, 2005

Looks like i'm getting all the traffic 'cause Big John over at Drunk Cyclist Drunk Cyclist linked me. Thanks fella.
I got free the other night and came up with this theory about the republicans and baby boomers, when I get some shit done at work i'll write it up.
I talked to my pops yesterday and he complimented me on the bumper sticker I made. Well he voted for Bush donchaknow. I don't think he was being honest about how he felt about the bumpersticker. We are talking again, keeping it simple and avoiding contentious subjects. I don't feel compelled to piss the guy off it's just that we have diametrically opposing views of what we want, I guess. It's sad.
While skiing the other day I was thinking that, well some people think it's wrong to be gay, I don't, I encourage it. I think it's wrong to have cosmetic surgery, eh, mebbe I should, well, not encourage it, but accept that person and how they find happiness. Oooooh personal growth, gross.

Friday, January 7, 2005

You can probably find a place to put this.

Friday, January 7, 2005

This is from an email I got from Sojourners.
Attorney General nominee Alberto R. Gonzales has faced stiff questioning from both Republicans and Democrats for his role in policies that have bent long-established international norms prohibiting torture. Despite Gonzales' claims that "torture and abuse will not be tolerated by this administration," the details of his testimony and record are cause for deep concern:

HIS TESTIMONY HIS RECORD Gonzales claimed he could not recall details of his role in the production of the so-called Justice Department "torture memo" of August 2002 saying, "I don't recall today whether I was in agreement with all the analysis, but I don't have a disagreement with the conclusions then reached by the [Justice] department."
He actually chaired the meetings on this memo, which included detailed descriptions of interrogation techniques such as "waterboarding," which involves strapping a detainee to a board, raising the feet above the head, wrapping the face and nose in a wet towel, and dripping water onto the head to produce an unbearable sensation of drowning. He raised no objections and gave CIA interrogators the legal blessings they sought.

Gonzales declined repeated invitations to repudiate past administration assertions that the president has the authority to ignore anti-torture statutes on national security grounds.
He advised President Bush in January 2002 that he had authority to exempt detainees from such protections as the Geneva Conventions.

Gonzales said "it is appropriate to revisit" the Geneva Conventions. When questioned about whether U.S. personnel could legally engage in torture under any circumstances, Gonzales said: "I don't believe so, but I'd want to get back to you on that and make sure I don't provide a misleading answer."
A January 2002 draft memo signed by Gonzales stated that a "new paradigm" of a war on terrorism "renders obsolete Geneva's strict limitations on questioning of enemy prisoners."

Republicans such as Sen. Lindsey O. Graham (SC) challenged Gonzales, saying, "When you start looking at torture statutes and you look at ways around the spirit of the're losing the moral high ground. Once you start down this road, it is very hard to come back. So I do believe we have lost our way, and my challenge to you as a leader of this nation is to help us find our way without giving up our obligation and right to fight our enemy."

Tell your Senators to insist that the Attorney General of the United States, the highest ranking law enforcement official, must clearly, consistently, and unequivocally uphold internationally recognized standards of human rights.

Thursday, January 6, 2005

For some reason I have been getting alot of hits to my blog. I'm not sure why, maybe someone linked me, maybe people have been googling "bush, antichrist." Who knows? I'll be back with some changes and thoughts. Be patient.

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